Try running a script on the Neon Nano. 

After the initial welcome script ends  (or you say or type "exit"), turn on the microphone and try a simple script. To do this say or type "run my Eliza script" .

What are Scripts?

Neon scripting enables professional developers and end-users to create unique solution for homes and business customers. Scripts perform both simple or complex conversational AI interactions, listening to users, executing commands and audibly responding to user.

For end-user, talking with a Neon scripts is like talking to any modern conversational digital assistant or smart speaker (like Alexa or Siri).

For conversation AI developers, scripts provide feature demonstrations, customizable audible website navigation, automated connection to online resources, and more. 

Conversational Artificial Intelligence Scripts

Scripts are easy-to-read programs that can contain Neon commands. Using a few simple keywords, described below in the detail, users specify exactly what Neon should say, do, repeat, and answer. Users create new dialogues, routines, loops, and can even query look ups, utilizing every skill, credential, and other information that Neon knows. 

Scripts can be shared easily between users via the Neon Script Library, found on can publish their own scripts , or download someone else's. 

Start using conversational AI scripting today to build your own scripts for personas, navigator, greeter, personas, or anything you can dream up!